Dr Peter Prevos, Data Scientist

Peter Prevos presenting at La Trobe University.I am a civil engineer and social scientist with a PhD in business. I manage the data science team at a regional water utility in Australia. My task is to create value by creating useful, sound and aesthetic data products.

On this blog, I share my experiments in the R language. Most posts are solutions to Project Euler problems. I also share miscellaneous debris with bits of code purely for fun. Lastly, I like to develop more R code for water utilities or hydroinformatics. My end-goal is to write a book about data science for water utilities using R.


Data Science Publications by Peter Prevos

Prevos, P. (2017). Lifting the ‘Big Data’ Veil. Creating Value through Applied Data Science. Water E-Journal, 2(1), 1–5. DOI 10.21139/wej.2017.008.

Prevos, P. (2016). Health-Based Targets Performance Reporting: Using Virtual SCADA Tags to Facilitate Data Analysis. OzWater. Melbourne: Australian Water Association.

Prevos, P. (2015). Visualising Water Quality: A Graphical Index for Drinking Water System Performance. OzWater. Adelaide: Australian Water Association.

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Water utilities ready for next wave of SCADA data analysis (2016), interview with Australian Water Association.