Dr Peter Prevos, Engineer and Social Scientist

I am a civil engineer and social scientist with a PhD in business. I manage the data science team at a regional water utility in Australia. My task is to create value by creating useful, sound and aesthetic data products.

On this blog, I share my experiments in the R language. Most posts are solutions to Project Euler problems. I also share miscellaneous debris with bits of code purely for fun. Lastly, I like to develop more R code for water utilities or hydroinformatics. My end-goal is to write a book about data science for water utilities using R.

Github Repository

Peter Prevos delivering international keynote at asset data conference in Auckland, July 2017.

Presenting the international keynote at asset data conference in Auckland, July 2017.


Data Science Publications by Peter Prevos

Prevos, P. (2017). Lifting the ‘Big Data’ Veil. Creating Value through Applied Data Science. Water E-Journal, 2(1), 1–5. DOI 10.21139/wej.2017.008.

Prevos, P. (2016). Health-Based Targets Performance Reporting: Using Virtual SCADA Tags to Facilitate Data Analysis. OzWater. Melbourne: Australian Water Association.

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Water utilities ready for next wave of SCADA data analysis (2016), interview with Australian Water Association.