large integers

Large integers in R: Fibonacci number with 1000 digits, Euler Problem 25

Solution to Euler Problem 25 in the R language. What is the index of the first term in the Fibonacci sequence to contain 1000 digits?

Euler Problem 20: Large Integer Factorials

A proposed solution in the R language to Euler Problem 20: Find the sum of the digits in the faculty of 100: 100 × 99 × … × 3 × 2 × 1

Euler Problem 16: Power Digit Sum

A solution in the R language to Euler Problem 16. What is the sum of the digits of the number 2^1000? This post provides a solution using basic r code.

Euler Problem 13: Large Sum of 1000 Digits

Euler Problem 13 asks to add one hundred numbers with fifty digits. This seems like a simple problem where it not that most computers are not designed to deal with numbers with a lot of integers. For example:   When asking… Continue Reading →

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