Data Science for Water Utilities Using R

Data Science for Water Utilities will be a new book that explains how to use R to undertake analytics for problems typical to water utilities.

How Virtual Tags have transformed SCADA data analysis

This article describes how to use Virtual tags to analyse SCADA data. Virtual tags provide context o SCADA or Historian data by combining information from various tags with meta data about these tags.

Tic Tac Toe Part 3: The Minimax Algorithm

In two previous posts, I presented code to teach R to play the trivial game of Tic Tac Toe. I thought this was an unbeatable algorithm. Alas, a comment from Alberto shattered my pride as he was able to beat… Continue Reading →

Data Science from a Strategic Business Perspective

Summary of my presentation to the Melbourne R user Group (MelbuRn) about Data science from a Strategic Business Perspective.

Lifting the Big Data Veil: Data Science Strategy for Water Utilities

A summary of my essay on data science strategy for water utilities. This strategy is based on the principles of the science of data.

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